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All about the CozyMKIII and CozyMKIV homebuilt aircraft
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A big THANKS! to Nat Puffer and Burt for the Cozy design.
Another thanks to all those who have provided web-sites documenting their build and/or completed Cozy.
And yet another to Marc Zeitlin for his great Unofficial Cozy Builders site.

The Cozy is a home-built aircraft from plans, not a kit. Some parts can be purchased, such as: main landing-gear bow, retract for the nose-gear, most of the metal-parts, canopy etc. Wiki/Cozy
Seats: 4Wing span: 28.1 ft / 8,6 m
Fuel Capacity: 52 U.S. gals / 197 litersTotal wing area: 101.4 sq. ft / 9,4 sq. m
Empty weight: 950 lbs / 476 kgWing airfoil: Modified Eppler
Gross weight: 2050 lbs / 930 kgCanard span: 11.5 ft / 3,5 m
Minimum speed: 64 mph / 56 kts / 103 kphCanard airfoil: Roncz 1145MS
Maximum speed: 220 mph / 191 kts / 354 kphLength: 17.0ft / 5.2m
Range: 1350 miles / 2172 kilometers (w 1 hrs reserve)Height: 7.9ft / 2.4 m
Climb speed: 2000 fpm solo / 1200 fpm grossCockpit width front: 42in / 1.06m
Engine: Lycoming O-360 (180hp)Cockpit width rear: 38in / 0.96m
Landing Gear: tricycle, retractable nosegear, fixed main gear   

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