Tugan Tek LLC Software Engineering, Development and Support

Offering a rich set of software development and support skills for:
  • Developing new applications
  • Enhancing and supporting existing applications
As requested, efforts can involve:
  • the best development standards
  • 'quick-n-dirty' practices
  • something between the two
The owner's substantial IT background includes work with:
USAF,       Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco,       Firemans Fund Insurance Company,       Fedex,       MCI,       BellSouth,       Lucent & IBM Global Services,       Trip.com,       Reed Business Information,       University of Colorado Denver,       Department of Interior BLM

Activity and Roles include:
  • Business Analysis
  • Formal Requirements Definition
  • Systems and Software Architecture
  • Database Design, Development, Population, Migration
  • Application Design, Development, Enhancement, Support
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • System Administration
  • Project and Team Lead
Available on corp-to-corp or W-2 contracts.

Tom Tugan, Owner and IT Consultant
Denver Colorado
Recent Strengths
  • Front-end web-apps and background apps
  • Object-Oriented Designs,
         classic Structured Designs
  • Java 1.5+, JEE-J2EE,
         Spring3.0 (IOC, MVC, REST),
         Struts 2.0, Struts 1.x,
         JSF (Faces, MyFaces, RichFaces),
         JDBC,   iBatis,   EHCache,   Apache POI,   Axis2
  • Php5, Zend, Drupal
  • SOA WebServices,   WSDL-SOAP,   RESTful
  • Apache/Tomcat,   Weblogic Server,   Windows IIS
  • Windows,   Unix,   Linux
  • Oracle,   MySql,   SqlServer,   Informix,   Sybase,
         SQL,   Stored Procedures,   Triggers,   DB Migration,
         (NoSQL technologies now under study)
  • Numerous Documents and Models